Funny: Ben Carson Discusses Should Transgender Men Be Allowed in Women Only Shelters?

I just feel obliged the miss Clark reference the non-discrimination guidance for LGBTQ individuals under the equal access rule LGBTQ community is always fighting for damn right pretty soon they will have more rights than an average person again we’ve been talking about this for some time where we left

it last year you were you are not going to replace the guidance that instructs providers how to do this providers how to do this decision be done and yeah and I want to paraphrase and I’m gonna make sure I get it roughly right he said I wouldn’t like

the guidance you put up I and I believe presumably because in my mind it would allow or promote discrimination against LGBTQ particularly the trans community it’s still not up how did the program operate how does the law that requires equal access work without guidance appropriate guidance is going

to be put up it’s being worked on but the reason that I said the reference that’s the third year in a row you said that’s right the reason that I said that and for future reference that’s the first time you gonna cut me to fuck off when I’m

talking the reason I said you probably wouldn’t like it it’s because from what you’ve said in the past you don’t agree with my statement that everybody gets equal rights but nobody gets extra rights so transsexuals get the same rights as everybody else you get special rights in non-discrimination

they shouldn’t get extra rights well let’s put it this way that is some way so two hands they have to get special rights just to use the shelter I can tell you the answer if you were to fuck up when you have a single sex shelter and it’s

there specifically for women who are abused and then people come in who do not appear to be women but they say they’re women and you have to accept them just does that impinge upon the rights of those women and obe you transsexual who the hell he got abused

by another man why the hell he deserted get to go to a woman shelter a man that when they’re taking a shower of big-ass lungs it’s a woman’s shelter it’s probably lucky isn’t here too we have a lot of documentation from those women that said it doesn’t pinch

upon their rights I would imagine so why don’t they just get a transsexual abuse batter for transsexual abuse center so if you can give it and I said this when I came to Chicago and spoke with your group which I enjoyed being with them and I thought they

were great people but I said this if you can show me how you take care of that individual who and only thing you want to do is go on the basis of what they say their gender is you can show me how to be fair to them and

at the same time be fair to those women who are saying they’re very uncomfortable with that I am all ears first transexual was taken over high school sports in Olympics for women and now they’re trying to take over as shelters des for abused women I think that abyss

you’re the only person I have ever heard bring up that issue and in three years first of all in three years we don’t have the guidance which belies any credibility you have that respectfully that this is ever going to happen so that that means in three years the

protections haven’t been in place you have never documented what you just talked about and the extraordinary I can’t even begin to imagine how people feel did you ask the women at the women’s shelter how they feel I guess you only ask the transsexual how he feel so you’re

telling the trans community that because of how you perceived how some people react to them it’s okay to discriminate it has lots of letters from women’s groups it’s not just how I perceive it some people did you just call battered women some people nigga so and let’s just

assume for a second that there’s some people out there who object to this you to say some people again you’re saying that because some people think it’s okay to discriminate that that you have to go along with that too despite the law with women who say being discriminated

against because the transsexual won a break is long dick ass and take a shower around kids yeah I will side with that too that’s not what I’m saying it on so don’t put words in my mouth but you’re saying that if someone doesn’t like someone else in that

shelter for whatever reasons that you can allow discrimination against those people you got one more time to say those people now what I’m saying is we have to take everybody’s feelings into consideration you can’t just select a group and say that their feelings trump everyone else’s groups in

other words you can say transsexual rights are more important than women rights it goes back to the basics there have always been people who discriminate against others do discriminate against monkeys count if discriminating against monkeys count then I am guilty of discrimination what you’re saying is those people

have the right to do that and therefore the federal government can back up that right to discriminate and let’s understand these are people who are going to be on the street I don’t give a damn if he is wearing a dress or not he’s still a grown-ass man

it’s just this discrimination that you’re hearing about is this based on what their notion of what their faith tells them it’s okay I want other people the women just said it was uncomfortable what they hate I want everybody to be taken care of and is not if they’re

not being allowed to participate because somebody has to think it’s okay to discriminate suggest is that there are ways to do that tell us after go to a sheltered for battered man there and you telling the trans community that they can’t make a decision as as to their

what they are that they are not best I’m saying that no one no one’s rights get to obliterate everybody else’s you put that star turn into a shelter for battered transsexuals through well obliterated when you’re on the street and you’re not allowed to be in the facility and

then the women gonna be on the street that you know that’s that’s the fundamental right that’s being taken care of not your notion that sometimes it’s okay to just can you do this from a can can you because I know you’re passionate about this issue and I know

you probably ain’t got no fucking common sense about this issue can you come a passion as the people on the street that’s right number three I’m about to slap this yet or somebody can you come up with a way that is fair to all the different groups that

are involved yes there’s no discrimination well you fucking don’t you can’t discriminate because there are some people who you tell us who they don’t like other people because of the way they look not because of the way they look is because of what they got a big ass

long we agree on that I’m still we don’t agree first of all I don’t I want to make clear we don’t agree on any of that I’m asking you to come up with a solution that takes two consideration the law says you can’t discriminate that’s my solution well

fuck your solution I hope you enjoyed this kid I’m just hitting y’all with a couple of show skills before I get back to the wrong skills I’ll do short skills and I do long skills and not those kids in the middle it depends on the information that I

need to give so hope you like this kit I’m on to the next kit because I’m done with this one

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