How To Talk About The Transgender Bathroom Issue And The Truth About it.

sir what's your name Gino Gino so my question is with regarding the recent target saying well if you fear genders mama say what you really are you can go into the bathroom and what my question is about is here we go you just asked that question about gender and about bathrooms to frank Turek what i think you guys give up your power point to North Carolinians up here anyways so anyways what I my question is like if I don't know someone who's dealing with this but if I ever was to know meet someone who was dealing with I might like it's let's say to a guy and they say you know I feel like I do how what what can I talk to them about like how can I die he's like a combo tactic OS I sent an email I just have a quick question this email you thinking about sending is this at your place of occupation don't send it well I think I think that there's a video going around on the internet now by the Washington Family Policy Council I don't know if you happen to see it but it actually is a video where a guy goes to University of Washington and starts asking people is it okay for anybody to use any bathroom they all say oh yeah yeah yeah it is and the guy says he's a five foot nine white guy he says suppose I were to tell you I'm a woman and most the students said well that's fine that's fine with me suppose I would say that I was a Chinese woman and then they they get a little bit more questioning suppose I would say I was a six five Chinese woman then they suddenly get real resistant well you're really not six five why because of outer appearance well if they were to take his clothes off yeah don't go there it's true they would see by physical appearance he's really a man and not a woman right yes right now we have to have the utmost compassion for people that deal with this issue but according to dr.

Paul McHugh who is one of the directors of psychiatry or worked in John Hopkins University for many years this is like easy for me to say as a psychiatrist and that institution did so-called sex change operations they stopped doing those sex change operations because they realized that the result was worse the cure was worse than the disease and he points out that this idea that you're different from your biological sex is a psychological disorder it would be like anorexia if I'm 89 pounds and I think I'm fat that's a psychological disorder the physical truth is I'm 89 pounds and I should be a lot more my mental state is I'm overweight that's a psychological condition now people get all insulted when you suggest you have a psychological condition however why do we do that why is it that if you say I have a bad heart there's no shame in that but if I have a bad brain there is shame in that why I don't I don't think there there should be you know one of the things she really bothers me about this the most is the fact that the American Psychological Association it has become such a political lobby and isn't it interesting that around 1972 that they lobbied not based upon scientific breakthrough but simply through political maneuvering to say that homosexuality is no longer an emotional or psychological disorder and then they move on to the next thing okay and it's it's gender identity did anyone notice that no sooner did they declassify those things as being mental illness illnesses that they started to develop new terms and circulate them in the court of public opinion we had all of a sudden homophobia now we have transphobia something goes from being a disorder and then suddenly the next day any opposition to it is a psychological disorder make no mistake about it these individuals are trying to say that your Christian worldview is a psychological disorder this is war and understand it is a war of competing worldviews and we need to understand that this whole thing is not about where the transgendered P it is about post-modernism and the question of whether things have offenses factors are they are they objectively true or are they subjectively true you know I have a white car that's an objective claim about the object called my car I can't change the color of my car by changing my opinion white cars are cool that's a subjective claim I as the subject think that white cars are cool is sexual identity how you are built as a creature objective or subjective is it grounded in my opinion or is it grounded in the object called Jim that's the question here and the culture has forgotten the distinction between objective claims and subjective claims now everything is up for grabs that's why the video I just wrap my talks this is what part of my talk at Summit by the way young people need to go to summit you've said it twice I'll say the third time this is part of that talk and here's why that video is brilliant because he begins am i a woman and everyone is willing to say well yeah I think you are am i a Chinese woman another physical difference is race well I would say in the law not sure did he have some Chinese descent no I'm just saying I think I am it's a little harder for them to buy in my a seven-year-old Chinese girl they start to flinch why because they understand now they have to take everything that's objectively true about him and turn it into a subjective opinion and they're not willing to do it in my a six foot five seven year old Chinese woman when they start to say well yeah I guess really that's where we've gotten because it's the slippery slope we started on if you can see that your sexual gender is up to you then so is my height hey why can't I just say my dog and go to the bathroom right here on the stage you won't prosecute a dog for doing that we'd hit you with a paper there you go I begin I don't get to decide the physical objective nature of Who I am by changing my opinion of Who I am but that's the logical slippery slope we're on right now folks because the same guy who does that on the stage could argue well wait a minute he thinks he's a girl not that you think you're a girl but the point is about things that why can't I think this what's the difference it's a physical difference he's not that and visitin reality but I'm not this in reality but we are all a matter of opinion but notice the one aspect it is that people weren't willing to challenge is based on sex see because the religion of sex has replaced any other worldview and by the way just so you know the religion of sex is a religion of the sword meaning they will burn you at the stake as a heretic if you don't fall in line and the easiest way to counter this is to stand up for the truth if every Christian stood up for the truth none of this would be happening we're the problem you.

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