I watched this transgender short film so you don't have to

hey you guys I know you want to watch the crappy crappy video I made for you but first you got to watch this beautiful beautiful commercial because my buddy Smeal decided to sponsor this video so I'm gonna do that real

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make sure you go to the link in the description and download Smule check me out let's do this let's sing I am a veteran transsexual not really but kind of I'm going to explain so this video that I'm

about to watch for you so you don't have to watch it came out maybe a year after I came out as trans I remember relating to this fucking short film so goddamn much so I'm gonna watch it with you guys for you guys ignore this all the shit yeah ignore all the shit in the back I'm moving right now which I'll explain more at the end of the video I believe it's in a different language brother

subtitles yeah I feel that when I get secondhand is for you I'm laughing because I'm uncomfortable bro that mom reminds me of my mom before she let me transition not letting me what kind of let ya long story but reminds me of my mom she is to laugh at me and like belittle me when I would try to do anything masculine I will remember doing that just fucking staring in front of the mirror relatable ah yeah throwback to when

gctv wasn't a thing and under works binders for like 50 fucking bucks ace bandages bro that shit was the wave and now everyone's ribs are fucking disfigured because you know we did shit we weren't supposed to but you know whatever gc2b is

like 33 bucks I think if you use the code J's journey you get like something off I think it's J's journey and all caps J eh why not my promo code but it is a promo code should have pulled

the ace up a little higher huh I used to do that shit but I was like seven bro fuck this mom's shook like goddamn Lord Farquaad shut up or beanie hoodie jeans chucks I felt that that was me for

a while unfortunately now it's just hoodies jeans vans so I haven't really I haven't really advanced mm-hmm what or transitioned to my clothing in any way I love them man I'm romantically attracted that man and physically and sexually broke mum

did that shit if I mom did that shift I did that shit like if I ever protested that kind of shit my mom would have fucking beat me ah no spoilers but like this part is so good just

part is literally so liberating cutting your hair for the first time as a trans guy when you're not supposed to not supposed to his fucking powerful dude I was scared but I was also excited parents wanted to kill me did straight up like

back in the day if my parents found me wearing boy clothes after they found out I was trans um they would literally rip them off of me and like beat the fuck out of me I want to punch this goddamn mom in

the face yes well his mom likes killings bro that girl is into them I love that for him bra on Easter fuck ain't that a Jesus holiday fuck oh fuck one thing I never had to deal with was uh was

religious parents thank God they were just stupid oh say my parents kicked me out too I love the parallels now would not call her a bad mother solely just because I would expect to any parent Jack

don't like that listening get to like a physical altercation or anything like that but um if you come out to your parents and expect them to fucking accept you with open goddamn arms and switch up your pronouns pronouns pronouns like

fucking that then your dumb parents have had your whole fucking life planned out for you since the day they found out what your goddamn sex was okay give them time took my mom three years to really understand it I'd

say no no I don't guilt her like that she feels so bad ah I can literally feel the pain from the mom like when I watch this freaking four or five years ago whenever the fuck this came out um

I didn't understand and I was like course the moms bad mother why wouldn't she got her child transition blah blah blah but I understand now just completely guilting her for something she doesn't understand is bad you see if my mom had

told me that shit back when she was acting the way she was when I first came out I would have think she was taking me overseas to kill me you I'm sorry for the lack of commentary at this part it's just like

fuck no no like all I have to say about this is like damn like fuck damn I can understand where they're both coming from the mom doesn't understand exactly what it is and I understand why adults these days view it as

something that doesn't exist mainly because it wasn't brought up in history before even though it's something that's always been around it's just that the trans men in his shaver written off his women fuck fuck that you know oh shit

I think what transgender children do not understand is how hard this is on their parents I know I've said that like 30 times my mom started to come around when I explained to her the science behind being trans because I know

a lot of people are probably gonna ask like damn your mom was fuckin crazy how the fuck do you get her to come around it's just literally once I explained the science behind it like broke it down fuckin

piece by piece she was like fuck like this isn't something I like but it's literally not something I can change so I guess we're just gonna fucking help you and I was like dope but let's finish this this short

film I'm getting like happy tangles this shit warms my heart I really might fucking cry yay that was fun that was great that was good ends there it makes me very happy it gives me a happy thoughts happy feelings so yeah before I go just wanted to let you guys know or remind you that I am moving this next week so like I'm not gonna have a lot of time to film or edit I have a lot

of shit going on I have I just have so much stuff breaking happening in my personal life besides moving that um just if I don't post for a week or two don't you don't be alarmed I'm still alive hopefully I

just a lot of shit to do so thank you guys so much for watching stay safe stay happy and bread love you guys until next time bye [Music] [Applause] [Music] in this way [Applause]

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