hi everyone dragon and the driving family today I have a very very special video for you guys in honor of trans day a visibility and thought it'd be the perfect time to sit down with my family this is my real dad and my real mom they are my

absolute pride and joy I've got to be so interesting that sit down with my mom and my dad and just really share their side of the story and really kind of get their view on everything so I just wanted to ask my mom and dad a couple questions

and the first being what was your first experience with me being trans or maybe being different or what was like that first moment when you were like okay and it is kind of different I think for me I always knew that you liked really flamboyant being and I

knew that you liked my shoes and tomorrow's and my makeup me filming today when I noticed that you like to play with good toys a lot of doll love movie Mulan I love the line so that's what I know and so that's the other thing I think it's

really important to note that my family is really diverse my father is a Vietnamese background serving in the Army and you know it has since retired after 28 years in my culture and in that kind of the family I mean we technically don't have a really out person

who has been you know kind of different or gay or anything in-between because it's not that it's not accepted but it's just not really talked about I mean was there any like specific moment do you think that you had with me or like something in specific you really

remember I can remember early days when you are on the swim team and they sent us to a Sports Center and I was supposed to get you a very specific little jock like little short to swim on on the boys team but when we went there and you

gravitated to the girls section and you wanted to race your tea bag with the high cut on the side and you were pretty upset that you couldn't get that one that you were limited to the small short so that's the first time that I really you know realized

I had to kind of explain to you that they wanted you on the boys team and you needed these little shorts and you couldn't wear the race or keep up who are young not really young journey but I think even then I think that there was so many

things that like I already was feeling and I already was like deciding beyond anyone trying to label on me I always had a feeling and I knew from the get-go I mean it never was a thing about gender it was just me being my authentic self at the

time for me and I guess when I when I know that you try out and made it to the cheerleading team no bitch I know I mean I knew that there is something it's not me and normal but but I understand that that's what you want that's what

you like and that's what you're good at and so I'm just happy for you for for you being who you are that was a big moment for me I mean that was almost like me coming out at the time when I was when I told my parents but

I was going to go ahead and try out for the cheerleading team and you know be the only at the time boy on the team me that was a really that was a good kind of solid step for me in the right direction and it was a really

hard step but it was like that first step and kind of like set everything off I knew my family was behind me and I think that was a really big moment for me and for my dad and for my mom to have like you know them in the

stands with me in every game every game and she's like Kimmy Azam like it was a really big big one my only life so what would your initial kind of reaction when I had told you that I was transgender I was hesitant mostly because I was also fearful

for your sake mostly I was fearful of people hurting your feelings or being mean to you or trying to take on you in any sort of way because it's the cruel world out there and then I wouldn't be there to protect you in any way so that scares

me a lot and I don't even think I know my dad side of how he kind of because I told my mom and I kind of just expected her to tell my daughter well for then yeah it's a different but uh let's go get it well because you

you talked with your mom's list and got your mom to kick me and punch me and guide me and to show me some way the only thing the arms to this day I'm still fearful what I tell you at Point Blank is I understand the emotional concept and

I don't have any issue of that the only issue I have is the physical change so there's always a chance that you can get infected and survive I've only pod to this day I'm still hesitant okay it's the kind of going along that note of like physical changes

do you think that when I kind of did go forward with changing physically were you against day or what were your emotions about it and do you think that I personally changed and I think bottom line yes you did change not from like the essence of who you

are as a person but you definitely became more free and more open I think we've always been super close as a family but you being truthful to yourself and honoring who you legitimately are inside you just became more free and happy and you know you've always been funny

organization had a great sensation where you have a tender heart and you know fierce spirit smart you're so so smart and it just it just amplified it because you're just so confident yourself and realizing who you were and be genuine about it I know again I was very

fearful about being injured youtubing and you consoling your journey but at the same time you know you said it just so succinctly that you were going to come out on your own terms you aren't going to let anyone have anything over you or eventually try to bully you

or blackmail you that you're going to do it right do your research you know you've always call me with option I know it's different but I can say I totally on Mommy's area of expertise so I don't want to put a whole lot of thinking about that the

only thing I'm here to this point and I'm looking at the camera and say this now my goal in life is alway to make sure that nobody bullying my daughters and and if they do just remember this face because I wake what was the biggest challenges for you

when you knew that I was transitioning like what was the what was the thing that was hard for you to adjust image addition not hard for me to adjust but I want to see if mainly your brother except you who you are once he accept you who you

are he loved you so much let's make it easy for me for me as a parents and of course we had two boys and you are his only brothers if he take it a hard way then it might be rough on us but he took it such as

a champ and everything went so smooth and he had come 1-1 in gear number one Supporter yeah so that helped a lot and the rest of my friend or Vietnamese community I have no issue of that I can deal with them how do you even go about telling

someone like your daughter's transgender like what we have is that can come up with a new it does I think it all depends on how they come at me so it's somebody confident in a real place and you know our circle of friends or solid through and through

we were really blessed by that so when they come to me from a good place I like take them aside if they're in our inner circle I just just have a chat with them to update Oh to your life and into all essence but if someone you know

I I say you know I have three daughters and one son you know that that's the easiest and smoothest way because I do consider you my daughter um but if somebody comes to me in a rude way right oh my gosh I can found out you know your

daughter's really transgender Alma and I just look at them and I decide am I giving them power or not giving him power and I always said I'm not giving the power but he hasn't that great isn't that great that she's somebody so confident is a support about her

family that she is secure who she is I don't have to worry about her having suicidal ideations or being in to start terrible depression or feeling alone like we don't have to deal with that and I ultimately as a parent that's what I want I never want one

of my children hurt either by society or on their own means because it's they're in a dark place yeah I just want you to know that we've got your back we totally support you we love you and accept you pink hook it up stripes rainbows or whatever it

may be boys masses of all of our children just be authentic live your life with honor honor to yourself and honor to the sound when you'd be on yeah be happy yeah I'm happy be happy you love me so much I love you both let me daddy let

me Mom okay everyone that's all I have for this video again I just wanted to make a quick thank you to my mother and my father for just being amazing people but beyond that for you at home watching and listening whether you are a person who is trans

whether you are parent whether you don't even know someone who's trans like it really is an important moment to just be understanding and to be a little bit more open-minded and don't forget to subscribe to my channel like this video and give it a big thumbs up how's

my family that's all love you bye everyone [Music]

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