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hi everyone this is destiny and welcomeback to my channel So in this video we will discuss self medication and the possible doses because I don't know.

I already made a video abouteducated DIY HRT for trans women but it's on English so that mightbe the reason why but I didnt give any specific the dosage becauseI dont wanna be blamed for anything and I don't want to be accused of pretendingto be a doctor and an endocrinologist coz a disclaimer I'm not a doctor I'mnot practicing nursing I studied nursing back in thePhilippines but and I graduated anyways I know I am NOT a registered nurse I'mnot a doctor or anything I'm not an endocrinologist and I don't intend inpretending to be it's just that I these sample dosages that I will give you, ihave links on where I get them and you can actually get them online as well sothis is more like a general idea to be safe and at the same time selfmedicating but again as we know some medicating that is not really good inany way not just on hormones but in all other medications and HRT undergoing acharity should really be guided or monitored by an endocrinologist becausethat you're dealing with your hormone say which is affecting your system notjust your physical but also your mental psychological and emotional statealright so anyways this video has been highly requested and I will try my very best to speak tagalog so im sorry if sometimes i dont speak tagalog fluently.

so lets start with the possible combinations.

Actually after this, I have a few question you guys asked that Ill be answering.

I already made a post about this if youjust want to read then you can just head on to my facebook page I will link thelink down below and you can also add me there I would accept you I accept transwomen on my fb page.

I always tell you guys that the best combo ever is estrogen andthe androgen estrogen and and the androgen now in progesterone it'sactually your choice it depends on yourendocrinologist it depends on you but I will make a video about that and onceit's ready I'm going to be linking on the description box down below as wellanyways so the best combo is estrogen and anti-androgen so we'regoing to discuss hormones that are available in the Philippines.

So when we say estrogen plus anti androgen, girl, so youre only gonna choose one estrogen.



uhm whats the tagalog of either? so either you take pills or you do injections.

you cant have both injections and pills at the same time.

Some of you will take progynon injections and progynova.

girl they're basically the sameprogynon and progynova are the same they're the same kind of hormones so whynot just increase your pills or why not just make your injection more frequent.

right? youre just wasting money.

anyways so uhm.

take only one kind of estrogen and one kind of anti androgen.

Girl we only have 2 anti androgen in the Philippines so why are you confused which to take? okay so let's discuss.

We only have 2 choices for anti androgen, proton acid and on site proton acid awell that is under core so in you wanna more choice can be Billy Moore and rockor you can take one for tablet up to one half tablet this is the minimum dose sominimum dose is one fourth tablet and one half tablet daily daily means are ademotion to take girl arrow arrow para esta auras arrow arrow yawn and one fortablet poison on 50mg okay it's the 50 mg one now a maximum dose is of courseone top daily and I don't think now you should go overboard and take one maximumdose now god I don't think so let Ernie Ottawa not a mama recipe nightI mean when I think in our Machado ah Houma I only need one fort and recordand that worked for me I'm not gonna unroll girl I own so anyways one fortI'm worked for me so I feel like it's gonnawork for you too now if you decide to go and spin on a locked own brand onspironolactone adopt on in hires so you might actually see it sprung up on antop donor has very salami and girls pour another totally hotyen so minimum dose for that is 25 to 50 mg twice a day twice a day except in theloved one peers Makeba auras so let me give you an example so let's say youchose to take 25 milligrams so 25 is Omega 25 second a cannon Busiaor 50 Samata 50-second be so canon Busia maximum dose nato is 200 mg twice a dayso 200 Omega 200 gabay okay just want to point that out now before I willcontinue paranormal dilemma and complain I'm gonna make us know minimum dosegoing to the maximum dose you got the boy on okay so before I come back starta patent on hormones you have to monitor or you have to take a blood test so forthe sauce they don't need to check my own testosterone level more so which isserum testosterone so papanasam a clinic any clinic when you put on the no meanKasane Kasane a subpoena so McDonough who Isis ain't looks or cuz I'm Hospitalthen I got goin on serum testosterone and ask them to take the blood test nowbut alimony level monitor on testosteronetake the hormones one first tablet but lump one can say that's the ample orthat's the minimum time not enema began now or assume or no panel on new hormonesmall particle my lab so three to six months dubba param element a good toMitali bio in deco affect the bow in there three months indian through twodays three days palin i say some cases Pandya tatum at 11 Abajo Baba Iran discoonion button Edina so after three to six months neck Pachakapa haka Pomona UN testosterone mo s bumabapero hindi siya bumaba not sing bobbin a female level which is double holliday inseminary soil Connie McGee in female level thaton your male level I mean D chigan acababa that's the time making increaseyour dose that's the time you increase to 1/2 under core every day and againfor 3 months but can I get increased casts a testosterone up arrow in Demon'sachieve your female level and that's our goal when you female level you myhormone satin and you know I am looking fresher whole and abia Tasha veryinternally you're not maximizing the effect so and even as I saw that girlimpaired I'm being a bad more so hormones you know the bad in people whenthey were 1/4 tablet Allan Poe stomata Lebanon my shopper in Dimona religionfemale level it's like you could have been Bobby Hannah for two years Sparrowin well compile um so neguin five-year Shah debar episode Sabine MonaI'm the atomic Otto effective tomorrow Monsanto diversity season at the lotsawarmest with we're in Madras Castle Aaron a man attend the Bacchus a wannatell and uh and indeed I indeed I know Papa Chak up liebe you could havemaximized the effects of the hormones you could have you know made yourfeminization way shorter better and even get a walk us a mile um so anyway thenext thing saying yo so I know you know I on after three to six months no andbuggy any parent Shah Baba banana Baba then that's the time you go on onetablet you neo I feel incoherent one tablet that's NB maragon liver diseaseit's not an ambush a panacea skin importunate is a person exists whichMayo and connect one for tablet in an underwear after three months well in thelab then the boma by on testosterone more which is impossibly unless fakeinternet ignore but and ibama by testosterone more that means eitherindica yeah or faking a bit more so at least melilla mean multi battle isMenominee Nomo hula me on well I uh so gonna happen in lava you knowanti-androgen no yeah but on your money I'm opening Best Buy yeah you best noti'm the antigen for you well through experimentation so when i taken on andreport and untie me move my hives nakahara hanuman I share some overburdenstop the medication and switch to different hormones a simple step cha chaIman a bargaining agreement about New Year'sone more pair Ananya Risha amana negative a negative Nanami Anika ArashiSkaar Mecca Alok Nath cabana we know Panama hormone cycle at net got usfeeling okay now mewing oh my god I'm girl de ba you Monica Raja sky I meanI'm just owner my boob a tall girl don't marrykabocha oh my god you know muscle my own effect on you about normally I neednormally any girl back up again and SME mob take this think there's no me mamaashes to ashes the back then I could pick no hormonesmean some cassock around another Megan logically debar anyways but now aBilliken and an anti-androgen more then you have to jump with estrogen soestrogen either injection or pairs so either meaning mama vehicle and on size'okay so any my estrogen pills nobody may takea surgeon picks up a demo I picked a novella on Dominion girlEsther femme and protein OVA and Esther from in protein oppa I'm gonna have avideo discussing the difference of assumption and protein over so wait forthat but para induce nila so minimum dose is two tablets per day maximum doseis four tablets per day so pan at all so for my katakana and Esther of M corporaGenova so started and two tablets per day after three months but JeanetteMelinda potential okay so maybe increased to three you know increase totrip an apparent that a guy Christopher gunshot okay kanon-chan in the infant inJana get companion unit at assume hormones no rewind and go back to theprevious minutes okay so same thing goggle in yousir estrogen Papa Tosca announced a room estradiol no sir room estradiolPalestinian and it she checked no younger than 11 your chambray male levelyoung cuz a hormone said that was after three months it to check no home I knoweach remain female hormones bugging him open a revision female Lebanon femalehormones more with your two tablets per day after three months then that's timeincrease liver the time increase and take note Kelemen now poppin sending amonotonic blooming cayenne FFF we should put up at me effect and threemonths am girly that button apartments in elaI see spare imagine ethnic refresh Isis param knew my name become gun to my iPadon a mohawk Imbaba in a coma fulfillment opposite sorry Lemoine then one manalarm an eye on come on man Balam well let Adam the manwell let's say put on side effects well now that I'm the man when I was gonnastab you my pal so bad I'm gonna Holland dignity butkeep a mark on Tinian and three months de ba bucks which you cannot get thatguy you know and so cannot man my common sense died oh the balmy common sense Inow come feeling when a man from FX shuttle model up shop I wouldn't begoing hey then maybe it's not the hormones maybe it's her dosage MarinShawn effects a you never seen a mulatto or better feeling oh it's not enough theeffect it's not enough it might not be because my bagging effect no hormone itmight be because Allah my own dosage more so wait for three months before Icome and take that man dosage okay estamos when I'm back side effects aslong as it's working for you then just wait for three months and see on ahusband estrogen level mo okay now come on theinjection can a man make sure now you know how to injectI'm gonna make a video about itself injection then Mara Nicole injectionpeople again better no injection child so quite enough I'm a to to say no by nowait for that video and I know buddy buddy inject so what do you inject yourestradiol Valerie so beside you put him on a label and I didn't you knowhormones your sinhala get him on Pooja Bhatt no classing hormones yo and so asthe dial Valerie is pro guide on Japan melanin and Jenna farm your love okayI'm at the techno braggin on na young gal in Thailand India I'm gonna link thevideo down below on what's the T about that I don't really recommend thatanyways minimum dose of estradiol Valerie injection is one ampere cada twoweeks so when Apple cata two weeks so I thinkin checking on Monday make sure and I came check Anna monday Monday lamb okayNick up wedding I'm and Enoch in check I know just a con on inject oh my god ohso make sure mexicana alarm irony Menaka Holly more time orhave someone number remains IO so don't go in more three months three monthsdon't assume level some hormone small paring it again female level then makeit one ampule every week when I'm bill every weekokay now cool let's say if you kept Anakin Hangouts estradiol value ratethen you gotta look enhance appearance you can also try estradiol benzoateestradiol benzoate assume yellow to shush your onion yarn so minimum dose isone ampule every five days and maximum dose is one ampule every three days Ipersonally prefer you estradiol Valerie injections kassay if you take the bendsaway you have to inject it more frequently I say it depends on thehalf-life they must must modeling they eliminate or must Maddalena he person aany minute currently Maginot Maas Madeline eliminate me kidney and liverin Ben's awake cases a Valerie Cassie Valerie superseded all otherestradiol so it was made to stay a little bitlonger sort of an atom better not at the point it's gonna be damaging you knowand so I personally prefer prefer a super dial Valerie injection or humanpills I don't really like the benzo a better some people actually find itreally good so it just depends on new ones I'm coming young again Panama manand a man consent okay experimentation try to take estradiolbattery if it works for you then stick with it if it doesn't jump to pillsit pills doesn't work for you then try estradiol best way Cannon outshine thealcohol in the concealer mine and maja packs a big oh I know I'm fat ellipse ioe : I'm a hapax a began feedback I musta been a mulatto who some naggingin fresh coriander pear or something happening within your body if it's goodfor if it's healthy for you it's only you that can really actually tell sotrust in yourself and gain knowledge okayyeah but I am at the no chambray paraben free no Kanaan effective no employerphenomenon I have a video about that so I will link the video on fenokee knowcompanion is Mogami pen and fin okay no okaythere's a specific way on how you should use phenomenon you'd be number stab astuck in a comment knocking on right now a lump in a mine nom-a-nom is sayingyou're I'm Gavin birth control pills or like any other things no Ella veto so Ithought I don't Pierce at all more at away and get the last link in a commonpattern subpoenas actually third world country non holonomic commit to asufferer transitioning cuz I need like advisable thoughts and a hakamabeen some progress ebo mob and some progress EBU toluca Hindi pin up acommit to monitor ions only dementia causing a rapid le cadeau NATO Diane isbanned in some countries I think us us band and the NHS a proton acetate yawnnow let's talk about this case a um I known a manmodified nko and not really muffled it but more on financially struggling andthis is the only choice that you have and it's better to transition and safethan not transition at all the back cuz it means I'm gonna time point in ourlife Anna open in the convenient situation okay cinnamon will AB dipa soI feel you girls better please but Marin came chance to steer away from the birthcontrol pills please do so I have a video about birth control pills I willlink it on the description box down below again this is not something Iwould recommend but I understand the you guys some of you guys are throwing inTracy oh so I'm really gonna discuss it okayso birth control pills is ethinyl estradiol anything that has ethinylestradiol is considered a birth control pills and the Miss Korea animal sideeffect not ethinyl estradiol Virginia is a video please watch the video beforeproceeding on this part of the video ok so animal a birth control pills is anexample micro trust Marvel on etc but Sanofi pan-european laser diode okaythat's where control pills any minimum dose Yan two per day and maximum dose isthree per day now regarding some of birth control pills you don't have to goto a doctor to your estradiol monitored why send abikini instead video sign up and according your pair oh you can't monitoryour hormones than as a birth control pills and that makes it one of thereason why it is dangerous condition and it takes a lot this so hypu mckernonlove this after three months after six months an embarrassing dish my day todayI say it is made in a specific way that it will lastsohcahtoa not in America no matter girl to the point eight so very damaging it'seffective it's perfectly fine in terms of feminization it is effective betterit is very very damaging to deliver in kidneys you and so you but there is anew home a minimum or maximum dose care depends announcer any any feelings newand unique need me time' epic scientific way to eat away cuz i wanna be muddydetected on lab test so minimum to maximum three not recommended as valiumcombination pills so combination pairs you Marron ethinylestradiol and say brother an acetate you know convenient so multi get a notice atthe yarn as they are nina OC thirty-five prim and stuff like that so again samedosage to minimum three maximum take note some on a birth control pills donot combine this with anything else do not attempt to combine this with siteproton spironolactone any other basic assay you are increasing your risk ofdeveloping blood clot four times three times four times orwhatever times it is brake control pills are very dangerous now i think the gameopen an and rock or there is actually a study Anthony acid Iowa combined withand rock or or sypro Turin acetate is verythrombogenic thrombogenic means the hog formation of blood clot yeah so youMaharaja on well you know the man because I there is a reason why would Ishow John I don't really recommend and they're gonna just gonna be a wasteof time to use or use a bailable Philippines so I in on the man younibble on pooh-bah step aside in the onion you can also check your rainbowhealth Ontario da CA Yan and Joanne young mama dosages neon and I will belinking as well in the specific link on the description down below for referenceand make sure to share this video seminar friends norm and Dominic I sentmy own video about this so I own now let's answer a couple of questionsAshley you know I know my man and I'm running best combo for you when a lemonWilliam best combo for you ah nothing kita now your hormone levels my snag infemale level and at the same time people are telling you you are blooming mypositive feedback and you are feeling that you are getting prettier andfeminized the moment and I mean best combo for you so it's it's a combinationof everything female hormones and testosterone go into female levelfeedback man power and a gig in fresh coffee mug and Ahana gingham about Jankaand feedback of yourself yeah man I'm an anomaly from Italian commode again thesame answer and blood this my lemon Mayo bunny your female level now I don't youknow immigrant Unga meetings at a heart it really depends on youunder sitting anymore you you're the only person who can talk or name Pinaha- xio so I knew Poobah um waiting but it but it's a beginner or bat up and onany of that as long as you follow what I said any of that go to cannot go backhome Palin who bad a bad cumin salt as a doctor you actually have to consult adoctor before taking HRT better if you're on some medication the only notonly I'm a consult cos a doctor if you feel like not a maximum dose can appeareven female young hormones mainly but any give him a level so that means youneed more than that and some people really do theyreally need more than that and it's very dangerous to self-medicate more thanthose that I mentioned so make sure mobile Don is a doctor girl if Gilliamand Metallica or any animal lab this boy in Thailand if a testas of now you only have to take care of liver and kidney function and CBC andblood clotting blood clotting test and young serum testosterone and estradiol Iwill be putting it in the description down below as well other I love yourmoney bump at this all right so if our questions comments suggestionsviolent for actions limit on the comment section down belowI know Napa Havana made UNIDO pero as you can see it's very informational verymeaty very she captured are very fresh and very very NACA brainy about butshe's we love to be brainy anyways if you're someone none and because channelgo you watch the video up until here and you haven't subscribegirl what are you doing with your life departing aside my mommy Newton myMcGirt go subscribe canal cuz I know you're one of the 75 people that Ihaven't subscribed yet in my channel you're not longer and a little so what Iknow no llama subscribe in bio and like the video neighbor so Anita legato paraLM konima text on video nigga going to go and share this videoJose meet is selfish and Sharon at it to semana Coppola Internet's Pinay and Ilong I will see you guys on my next video have a nice day.

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