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In 1993 trans mail brandon teena was murdered just days after his 21st birthday when two male friends discovered Brandon was Biologically a fee and not a Heath they would leave each and raped women born Teena Brandon His story inspired the film boys.

Don't cry starring Hilary Swank Before after your sex change operation It's been almost 20 years since the film's release and while times have changed the trans community continues to fight for everyday acceptance at this point in my transition I Identify as a person first before being trans Morgan Sullivan is a trans man an actor Who's faced more than his share of struggles.

What was it like coming out it was mixed It's a learning curve for everybody.

I'm lucky that I'm just read as a guy now.

So I have that privilege but not everybody does Today Morgan is joining the what would you do crew at macdennis pub in keyport, New Jersey? My girlfriend's actually right there in our scenario.

He's on a date with Madison who's playing his cisgender girlfriend when an old classmate recognizes Morgan as Hey Lucas Dylan, what's up my god it is you You're a lesbian now dude, I knew it if you witnessed a trans man and not exactly can You just leave him alone publicly shamed and outed Oh him.

What kind of a freak are you? I think she thinks she's a dude Dude, what would you do? Oh My god, dude, you're Michele from high school Different these first customers listen in as our bullies began dishing out insults I identify as a guy now.

You can't just say that and it's true either.

You're a guy or a girl Can you just leave him alone? Please him last time I saw you were in a pom dress They exchanged text messages showing concern, but will they confront our bullies? Well you guys go to the bathroom you guys go together That's enough like it's beeping stop now.

I don't know why you're being rude.

I like I'm just trying to figure out what happened Michelle Morgan has had enough Well now I can enjoy my meal at least and for this woman That's the final straw because I just made them read you were bullying them.

Well, we just asked me some Questioning then they left.

I hope you guys feel really good about yourself.

Don't you think? It's weird don't you think it's weird? I mean, don't you think it's weird? No, it was this choice That me him is a funny choice of words She stays true to her word, I don't know why you're so upset honestly Time to step in and find out if shields entertain us hi there.

How are you? I'm John quinones You were very angry tell us what you were thinking I wanted it so awful for those people who's not so uncomfortable Don't they hopefully you but you didn't say anything while it was going on no, cuz I wouldn't have wanted them to tell them all they didn't cause a scene I see Other customers take a similar approach Can you guys just leave him alone please rather than cause a scene and drawing more attention to Morgan.

Yeah, I identify as a guy They quietly seek out our actor playing the waiter or as the pants in the right Her ass These next customers also alert an employee to be honest, I think my brother was attracted But not before letting our bullies have a piece of their minds well he was it was born a girl They think he's a guy, you know Well, I can't take my eyes off of it, you know Why are you defending a transgender like why are you defending a transgender man? That's why It's not for you to say shut your mouth Tell us what you were thinking I just I had to tell them to stop don't speak up Keep going.

Keep going.

Keep going.

It's not right.

This is choice As the day goes on Do you think you're like me? Other customers take a more direct approach with our bullies That should be your yo, you're okay with that Cheers Which asks some questions We're out here, thank you.

Thank you so much freaking fool The bullies returned to their table one last time, okay No, I'm a guy you're a freak only to be greeted by Lisa Feliciano And I knew him he was a she you You guys personally don't think that's weird We just want our questions answered that's it like, you know Morgan and Madison gladly accept her first offer But kindly reject her second Why are you defending? Why are you recording me and now Lisa adds an extra angle to RC? And she's got some parting words for our bullies as they take their walk of shame Hi, how are you? Hey, John, can you? You're in tears now what touch school You were picking on this kid for no reason I have children I don't I don't teach them.

I teach them to love everybody.

You didn't mince words I was cursing I was protecting some kids Didn't want to see them hurt It's been 25 years since that tragic night in Nebraska and while society might be more inclusive of all people Today for many in the trans community Acceptance is still a struggle when I first started medically transitioning people would argue about whether I was a boy or a girl But I am hopeful that people are starting to educate themselves more and understand more about our community.

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