For many years they have been behind the curtains. Guiltiness, shame, fear, and all kinds of negative emotions had grasped their lives. Now they are finally given a voice. I’m talking about the LGBT youth. Their years of movements for their rights have finally paid off. They can now express their identity openly; no more hide and seek. The legalization of gay marriage in the US during the Obama administration is another step to their freedom.

This blog is about the young LGBT community. If you have started to explore your own sexual orientation or just curious to know about this community, you can visit this blog. Here, you will find about the various issues you need to face in the society, adjusting to family and friends, health problems, and various things. This blog can act as a great support system for you. We have a forum where you can join and be part of a community of LGBT people to discuss your problems and concerns.

You can write to us if you have any questions. Our writers will provide you confidential and non-judgemental opinion. This site is a place for information of support for the LGBT people.