Are you a part of the LGBT community? Do you know a lot about this group of people? If you are confident to write about various issues pertaining to them, then you can write for us as a guest writer. We want this blog to be full of useful information for the LGBT community. As a guest writer, you can write about the various problems this community is still facing, the various movements that are still going on around the world, state of their acceptance in the society, etc.


  • Your articles must be only related to the LGBT community. As this is a very sensitive topic, we will provide you some basic training on writing about them.
  • Your article should not contain any negative attitude towards this group or you shouldn’t use any language that will offend this group of people.
  • You can share stories about this community of people which will help the readers to understand more about LGBT people.
  • The articles must be limited to 1200 words.
  • The articles must be unique. You should check for plagiarism before submitting the article.
  • There shouldn’t be any grammatical errors or typing mistakes in your article.
  • You must include an author bio and add a link to your site.

Once you submit your articles, we will see if it meets our standard. Once accepted, your article will soon be published on our blog and will remain in our archive for a long time. We will promote your article on our social sites and will encourage you to do the same. This way you will have lots of readers for your article. You should reply promptly to any comment made on your articles to improve the reading experience for our readers. Please send us your writing today!